1 Gallon of Audi G13 Coolant
2 Gallons of Distilled Water
Torx Set
1/4″ Ratchet
3/8″ Ratchet
Pick or small flat head screwdriver
Schwaben Coolant Refill/Air Purge Tool
Air Compressor
Drain Pan
Jack Stands or Ramps
Turkey Baster
  1. First we start off by getting the car on ramps or jack stands. Also make sure that the engine is cool before proceeding as coolant is pressurized and hot when the engine is warm.
  2. Locate the coolant drain plug. For the B8 models this is located near the driver side and is relatively easy to find.
  3. Take your drain pan and place it under the car near the drain plug. Insert your key fob and turn your car on to the ignition/accessory position. But do not start your engine.
  4. Turn your A/C unit to max heat and the blower/fan to max. The purpose of this is to open the heater core.
  5. Using a pair of gripping pliers carefully turn the knob counterclockwise until the plug is out and coolant starts to flow. It is handy to keep paper towels or shop towels on hand.
    (WARNING: Coolant is poisonous/toxic and could be fatal if ingested. Be sure to clean up and dispose of towels safely. Coolant is very sweet due to its glycol content, please keep away from children and animals.)
  6. After letting all the coolant drain out. Close the Drain plug by turning it clockwise. Do not over tighten as this is only made from plastic. Make sure it is parallel in its position.
  7. Find the Correct adapter for your coolant tank. Attach the refill tool/air purge tool to the tank and turn knob clockwise so that it is tight and snug.
  8. Attach the hosing that was part of your kit to the Needle gauge and place the short drain tubing into a container to catch coolant in case it comes out.
  9. Take the gallon of G13 Coolant and the gallon of distilled water and make a 2 gallon 50:50 mix.
    (Tip: You can dump 1 gallon of the distilled water out and use the empty gallon as a mixing container. Using a measuring cup measure 8 cups of distilled water and poor it into the empty jug. Fill the rest up with coolant. Mix the rest of the coolant with the ½ full gallon of distilled water. You should now have 2 gallons of coolant 50:50mix. Dump one of the gallons back into the Audi G13 Container.)
  10. Turn on air compressor and let it fill up with air.
    (Tip: If this is your first time using the compressor, make sure you follow all break in procedures as outlined in the user manual.)
  11. Close all 3 valves near of the refill tool and attach the air line to the refill tool.
  12. Open the airline Valve and the Drain Valve. Watch the needle as it draws a vacuum on the cooling system.
  13. Once you see the needle stabilize (around 20-25 psi) close the drain valve and air inlet valve after 30 seconds. Wait 1 minute and check to see if the needle gauge moves. If it does this means you have a leak in your coolant system that you need to address.
  14. Remove air line.
  15. Place the fill tubing into the bottom of the G13 Coolant. This will prevent air getting into the refill position.
  16. Open the fill valve and monitor the amount of coolant in the tank. As soon as the G13 coolant bottle is ½ full close fill valve and refill to the top. This prevents any air getting into the system.
  17. Once the needle gauge hits 0 psi the system is full. Open the drain line and let any excess flow out. Remove the air purge tool from your coolant tank.
  18. Using a turkey baster remove any excess coolant above the max line.
  19. Start the engine and let the coolant cycle for a bit you should hear the fans kick in.
  20. Drive normally for a few days periodically checking the level of the coolant. When the car is cool and the coolant level is below max fill to max line.
  21. Make sure you dispose of properly and flush the air fill tool with water.